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30 October  2016  (Tentative)

Tour fee — will be informed soon


07.30 : Lombok Raya Hotel

08.00 : Banyumulek Village

10.00 : Sade Village / Lombok Geomagnetic Observatory

12.00 : Kuta Beach / Mandalika Resort + Lunch

15.00 : Shopping trip

18.00 : Sunset at Malimbu

18.30 : Nipah Beach ( Seafood Dinner )

20.30 : Lombok Raya Hotel


  • Tour Transport Recycling Seat 2-2, TV/ DVD/ Karaoke
  • Ticket to Object
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Mineral Bottle Water, Snack, and Fruit


Banyumelek Villagebanyumulekvillage

This village is the most famous of pottery centre in Lombok island. Located around 14 kilometers south of Mataram City. There are many types of pottery products in Banyumelek: selao (barrel), dumang (brazier), kekete or sigon(pan), kemek(stoneware), kettles, trash cans, jars, ashtrays cigarettes and much more. There are also pottery made from egg shells, white sand and bark.

sadevillageSade Village

The traditional of Sasak Village is located on Central Lombok, about one hour from Mataram City. The house are still traditional, with roofs made from alang-alang and walls made from combinations of clay and cow faeces. Sade Village have a beautiful traditional woven with traditional way and a unique design.


Lombok Geomagnetic Observatorygeomagneticobs

This Observatory is run in co-operation of Engineering Faculty of Mataram University and the GeoForschungs Zentrum (GFZ) Postdam-Germany, since 2014. The geomagnetic field intensity and directions are continously recorded at the observatory, providing data for INTERMAGNET and earthquake hazard mitigation.


Kuta Beachkutabeach

A beautiful beach with white sand and like grains of pepper. Located around 60 kilometers south of Mataram City. Every February the Sasak Native peopel of Lombok have a very interesting ceremony “Bau Nyale”, taking sea worms that believed as incarnation of Mandalika Princess.


Malimbu Beach

Malimbu hill is an ideal place to capture panoramic from the blue beach, crashing wave, atmosphere of beautiful sunset and green mountain around it.