1. Prof. Dr. Zainal A. Hasibuan

Professor of Computer Science, University of Indonesia

Chairman of Indonesian Association of Computing and Informatics Higher Education (APTIKOM)



2. Prof. Dr. Thomas Götz

The SES Expert holds a degree in mathematics and is an experienced software developer.




3. Dr. Gerard Borg

Australian National University College of Science



Dr Gerard Borg is a research scientist and lecturer in wireless and radiofre- quency engineering at the Australian National University. He received a PhD in Physics from the University of Sydney. Over his career, he has worked in various fields including fusion plasma research, fundamental physics of plasma, rf-based diagnostics, Internet-of-Things and wireless. He is the inventor of the plasma antenna and various radiofrequency circuit compo-nents. His current areas of focus include fixed wireless access, radiofrequency tracking and distributed

systems. Gerard is a strong advocate for the democratisation of the Internet infrastructure and has invented ANU-MIMO, a technology to deliver low cost license-free broadband to everyone.


Keynote Title :

Introduction to ANU-MIMO: a Wireless Network Infrastructure for Remote Populations


ANU-MIMO is a scalable, distributed wireless MIMO network designed for decentralised deployment by a community. By leveraging existing
back-haul, users can use ANU-MIMO to build a large-scale broadband
wireless network. In this talk, we present the case for ANU-MIMO as a key enabler for the democratisation of the Internet infrastructure. We introduce its key technical ideas and present some case studies for Indonesia.